Get A 6 Month Sun Tan From A Hormone Injection

A tan is our bodies natural response, and defence, against the suns harmful rays. The darker our skin the less those rays can penetrate and cause skin damage. The side benefit of a darker skin of course is that current fashion says we look better, even healthier, with a tan. It wasn’t always the way. … Continue reading “Get A 6 Month Sun Tan From A Hormone Injection”

Your Perfume Is Aging You?

The most obvious signs of aging are wrinkles and age spots. And one of the main culprits of premature aging is overexposure to the sun. Although there is a surprising extra factor which we’ll get to in a moment. We shouldn’t be too critical of sun exposure however, because a little is good for us. … Continue reading “Your Perfume Is Aging You?”

Study Suggests Melasma Could Be Caused By The Sun

Melasma is very common, particularly amongst pregnant women, and it causes a lot of distress. The dark patches it causes on the face are often very visible and don’t go anywhere quickly! Previously the causes of melasma were thought very much to be hormonal. Melanocyte cells in the epidermis which produce our skins pigment are oversimulated … Continue reading “Study Suggests Melasma Could Be Caused By The Sun”

Pseudocatalase – Promising Treatment For Vitiligo?

Research by the Institute for Pigmentary Disorders and the University of Bradford, UK, has led to the development of a new topical cream for treating vitiligo. The researchers determined that oxidative stress caused by hydrogen peroxide (or H2O2) build up in the skin could be affecting melanocytes ability to create pigment. And that whilst our bodies … Continue reading “Pseudocatalase – Promising Treatment For Vitiligo?”